Create a fundraising event

A Grassroots Fundraising Event. No matter who you are, you can hold an event or participate in an existing event to raise money for Rally for Kids with Cancer Foundation. How? You can hold your own event or participating in an existing event—get your community involved to raise funds Grassroots Fundraising Program is for individuals, groups, businesses, schools and clubs—anyone who is interested in raising funds for Rally for Kids with Cancer Foundation by holding events or participating in other established events. These events can include bake sales, bicycle rides, silent auctions, restaurant programs, or other organized activities.

When you organize a Grassroots Fundraising Event we will provide you with a number of tools to assist you in your fundraising efforts. As a Grassroots Fundraiser we can provide you with a personal fundraising page where your supporters can contribute to your efforts online. Printable donation forms can also be downloaded here.

Interested in executing a Grassroots Fundraising Event? Contact Sarah at

If you are interested in participating in a Rally for Kids with Cancer EVENT register here.