Meet Our Hero: Madison Scott

Child's condition: Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL)
Age: 13 (July 24, 1997)

"I can't say enough about the staff at SickKids. Doctors, nurses, child life – they all took the time to comfort us and assure us that everything would be fine." – Peggy-Jo Scott

In the summer of 2007, Madison was starring in To Kill a Mockingbird at the Stratford Festival when she started to complain of exhaustion and back pain. A blood test revealed alarming results and Madison was referred to The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids), where they discovered she had acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL).

ALL is the most common childhood cancer, characterized by the production of a large number of white blood cells. These cells multiply quickly and take over normal blood cells, which can lead to bone marrow failure. If left undiagnosed or not caught in time, ALL is fatal. Fortunately, Madison was diagnosed and began her treatment protocol right away.

After spending two weeks in the hospital, Madison went home to continue her treatment as an outpatient. She visited SickKids on a regular basis while she continued her intense chemotherapy protocol.

Thanks to her medical team, her family's support and her determination, she was back on stage starring in the Toronto production of “The Sound of Music” while still in treatment. She completed her last cancer treatment on January 29, 2010.

Madi is the SickKids patient ambassador for Champions presented by Walmart Canada, a Children's Miracle Network program that honours remarkable children who have triumphed despite severe medical challenges. In this role she was the Grand Marshall at the Toronto Walmart Walk for Miracles; she attends various Walmart events to inspire and engage their associates to support Children's Miracle Network activities throughout the year; she represented SickKids at the Children's Miracle Network Celebration in Orlando Florida.

Madi is still singing and dancing. She is a member of Randolph Academy's Glee choir that performed at the Canada Showcase Choir competition in Toronto. She was accepted into Etobicoke School for the Arts in musical theatre next year. She continues to take voice and dancing and the effects and damage done by the chemo, although not totally recovered, are almost gone after a lot of hard work. She has done a couple voiceovers, a PSA and an episode as Molly the Ballerina in Super Why , a popular kids TV show. Currently she is excited to have a small recurring role as Chloe in Life With Boys a new "tween" show.